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    GRP pipe Continuous Filament Winding production line

    Vidatech continuous filament winding production line(CFW) of GRP pipes, equipped with qualified main filament winding machine with high productivity, advanced and steady software control system and know-how are provided.

    Pipe manufacturing is on the rotating mandrel with plate, beams and steel band, dimension depends on the pipe's diameter. The steel band is moving in the axial direction, sliding through the bearings which in the beam. When finished curing in the curing oven, the pipe is automatically cut and calibrated to the required length.

    The product capacity 300 km/year of DN600mm (PN6 bar) Power 220 -290Kw

    The product will qulified with the standard:
    ISO 10539:2004,
    AWWA: C950-01
    AWWA: M45
    BS: 5480:1990

    Consist of :
    CFW Continuous Filament Winding Machine
    Sleeve Grooving Machine
    Sleeve Joining Machine
    Pipe Hydro-testing Machine
    Sleeve Hydro-testing Machine
    Off-line Rectification Machine

    Equipment Advantage 
    1. Lower consumption of the raw materials than discontiuous.
    2. High production capacity.
    3. Less or no loss during pipe production
    4. Produce steady pipes quality.