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    GRP Flange drilling and machining equipment
    The GRP flanges diameter DN1600mm, DN1800mm, DN2000mm, DN2400mm, DN2600mm, DN4000mm.

    General description:
    CNC flange drills and machining centers proved to be reliable value-adding machines in FRP, GRP and GRE pipes fittings production.
    Automatically positioning the flange’s center position by a sensor, without manual adjustment the position and the platform. Computer and numerical control is used. These range from single-spindle drilling head, which often have 3-axis control, to machining centers, which can drilling and machining.

    Platform can be placed simultaneously three flanges, after processing conveyor system will automatically follow up the new flange , reducing manual operation. As an innovation technology, is an important processing tool to improve production efficiency , reduce production costs , improve production quality.

    • Eliminating manual positioning holes jobs, saving time and labor cost.
    • Automatic center positioning, flange can be placed anywhere platform without precise alignment position, without 
      “homing”. Significant advantage for improving total operating productivity.
    • Back to the home position accurate to 0.05mm.
    • PID feedback control system to maintain maximum drilling speed material removal rate capacity.
    • Flange drilling and grinding can be performed synchronously.
    • Driller speed is automatically adjusted according to the degree of exposure to the material hardness.