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    For DN300-4000mm (big diameter) machine

    Vidatech GRP pipe discontinuous filament winding line(DFW), process from pipe liner making and curing, structural layer making and curing, finishing and grooving and pipe extraction,step by step, with the following available pipe diameter range: DN300mm up to DN4000mm.

    Pipe Diameter: DN300 mm - DN4000 mm
    Pipe Length : 6m- 12 m
    Winding angle: 45-89
    Winding mode: Hoop, helical, auto exchange

    The product will qulified with the standard:
    ISO 10539:2004,
    AWWA: C950-01
    AWWA: M45
    BS: 5480:1990

    Consists of:
    -GRP Pipe liner making machine
    -GRP Pipe filament winding machine
    -Curing Station
    -Auxiliary device
    -System of Mixing Resin
    -GRP pipe extraction machine
    -GRP pipe rectification machine
    -GRP pipe hydro-testing machine
    -Mould / Mandrel (Solid mandrel /Collapsible mandrel)

    Equipment Advantage 
    1. Easy and convenient operation ,and computer control system.
    2. Keep low consumption of the raw materials.
    3. Experienced pipe production technology assistant
    4. Cost is lower than continuous. Small quantites meters are competitively.