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    Pultrusion is a most popular, efficient and cost-effective continuousd manufacturing process for composite profiles,with flexible design and various material combination and lamination can lay-up.
    The fiberglass materials are impregnated with resin,and pulled through a heated die to finish curing.Finally the finished profiles are cut to length.

    Direct  Roving         2200tex -- 9600tex
    Texurized Roving    2400tex--4800tex 
    Stitch Mat               450g/m2--600g/m2
    Continuous Mat      300g/m2
    Polyester Veil         30g/m2--45g/m2
    Polyester Combined mat: UD+Mat, UD+Mat+Veil    45g/m2+300g/m
    Polyester Combined mat: Veil+mat                             40g/m2+350-400g/m2
    Polyester Colour Veil                                                   40g/m2--45g/m2

    For pultrusion,Vidatech also have many experience.
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