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    HDB Long-Term Testing Machine
    HDB Long-Term Static Hydrostatic Test Systems for GRP pipe, GRE pipe .

    General description:
    One of the main data of GRP pipes design is based on the materials of inner layer and structure layer’s pressure performance during different time. Long-term performance of GRP pipe, under the condition of meeting certain requirements, can ensure safe and reliable using within the designed lifetime Vidatech introduce HDB testing equipment production technology and measurements techniques, which used in AMIANTIT, FPI etc. According to ASTM standard, within 10000 hours, with maximum 18pcs standard specimens, then the testing result evaluated and obtain the value of 50 years.

    Testing equipment consists of by:
    - Mobile pressure device ;
    - temperature control heating enclosures ;
    - computer control devices for process control , monitoring, reporting

    Test procedure according to DIN BS EN 1447, ASTM D 2992 and ASTM D 1598

    •Several tests to proceed at the same time. The user can define the pressure, temperature and testing time, the testing and monitoring is automatically and continuously. Each specific piping product is under independent environmental conditions, not be affected each others. After testing finish, the equipment could be detected automatically. Each specimen failure measured by independent failure alarm device.
    •The monitoring can be done from the Laboratory’s computer, or from the site’s control units equipped on the enclosure. The reports generated are compatible with Windows office.
    •Results of Each test specimen are integrated and displayed on a log-log graph, easy for analysis.
    •Test procedure according to DIN BS EN 1447, ASTM D 2992 and ASTM D 1598