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    Stiffness Testing Machines
    Ring Stiffness Testing machine with electronic ring loader for max.DN4000mm GRP Pipe.

    General description:
    For testing initial specific ring stiffness of small and big diameter GRP pipes Ring stiffness is important performance parameter, indicate the ability of resistance to deformation of the pipe, under the external loads (such as soil, hydrostatic and flow pressure). If, excessive deformation caused by external forces, will cause pipeline rupture, the entire pipeline failure. Control pipe ring stiffness is necessary.
    This equipment could meet test specimens to maximum diameter DN4000mm, maximum capacity 65 KN.

    1. This equipment lifting and rotation system could automatically handling big diameter, heavy weight test specimen, safety and without human.
    2. Large diameter test specimens lifting and rotation system for safe handling.
    3. Equipped with a Dual Control and Measurement System, PLC monitoring and control, user friendliness and data management capability of PC.

    Test procedure according to ISO7685,ASTM D2412,EN1228,DIN1228,DIN53769-3,BS5480