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    Split disk testing machines
    GRP pipes Hydraulic split disk testing machines for GRP pipes apparent hoop tensile strength testing

    General description:
    Hoop strength is the most important performance for guarantee the GRP pipe’s quality.
    Split disk testing machine for perform the fracture testing for GRP pipe.DN50-DN2600-DN4000mm
    1.25mm (1 inch) groove depth
    2. Closed loop speed control system
    3.500KN load capacity

    24 bit electronic measurement system guarantee ultra precision.
    Thick and high strength test specimen can be tested
    Safety with covers for protecting the operator avoid from burst fragments
    Dual control testing system Space efficiency.
    Easy and safe operation.

    Test procedure according to ASTM2290, BS 1394, BS 5480 and ISO 12709 hoop testing standards