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    FRP production tools

    As customers demand,we have full experience that provided the following different kinds of small products,
    FRP tools,labor protection under FRP production,
    as "one-station" service,thereby cutomers to do centralized purchasing of small commodities.

    ►Fiberglass Hand-layer Laminating rollers: to remove and buster air bubbles,and nice surface.
    ►Paddle rollers: Straight groove design,made by HDP,easy to clean acetone and emulsifiers.
    ►Plastic rollers:Made by PTEE,used in very thick,densely constructed fibrics..
    ►Mohair/Lambswool rollers:Used for consolidating handlay-up resin laminates.
    ►Paint/Resin brushes: For resin using.
    ►Bristl rollers/brushes

    ►Spreaders:to scrape resin,the skim coat or olad coating.
    ►Scissors for cut fiberglass raw materials to specific dimension.
    ►Razor Blades
    ►Chemical liquid dispensers:for mixed acetone,catalysty and resin
    ►Lab Glass instrument
    ►Lab PTFE instrument
    ►Lab equipment waterproof enclosures.

    Protective Product:
    ►Dust and filter mask
    ►Safety goggles
    ►Protective Clothing
    ►CPE Shoes Cover
    ►Disposable gloves
    ►Labour gloves