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    Our Team
    Vidatech teams focus in filament winding technology with our impassion, always under innovation according to client's specific request.

    Design Team
    Major mechanical, electrical and automation, 3D solid works, CAD,provide vivid,precise and overall simulation. The equipment designer fully considering the equipment practical operation, thereby improve the performance of the equipment.

    Manufacture Team
    With senior management, senior technicians and skilled workers team,  equipped with a variety of processing equipment, ensure Vidatech's  omprehensive machinning ability.

    Commercial Team
    Composite material majors background, well-trained,communicate with you by professional and accurate technical words in English.
    Conscientious about work, honest with all people, every clients became friends.No rhetoric.

    Installation Team
    Full--aboard-experience in your site for installation and training, could assist you with quality and safety equipment running.

    Technical Support Team
    Of specialist based on site production experience,could assist you in fiberglass pipes & tanks production.

    Raw Materials Division
    Based on our GRP equipment supplying, Vidatech have also been supplying GRP pipe materials which include fiberglass, Tissue, Mylar, mesh to our pipe customers as one-stop solution. Then Vidatech had gradually established our fixed channel of sourcing and selling of fiberglass.

    Now Vidatech have been developed to be professional distributor of fiberglass. The supply range for fiberglass is not just for pipe usage, it is also for other application like hand lay-up, pultrusion, spray up, RTM and so on. Our product range includes chopped strand mat, woven roving, direct roving, assemble roving, stitch mat, combo mat, fiberglass tissue, multi-axial fabric etc. Our technical specialist and professional sales can assure you high-qualified service.