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    Vidatech Overview
    Vidatech Composite,founded in 2007.As a solution provider of state of the art equipment, responsible services and know-how to the fiberglass pipes and tanks industry from China to global customs.

    Vidatech Composite scope of supply:

    GRP Production Equipment
    ►GRP Pipe Continuous filament winding Line DN400-DN4000
    ►GRP Vertical Tank filament winding machine DN4000-DN25000
    ►GRP Horizontal Tank filament winding machine DN1000-DN4000
    ►FRP Conic poles filament winding machine DN100-DN600
    ►GRP Flange machining centers DN1600-DN4000
    ►Composite High Pressure Vessels/Cylinders filament winding machine DN1000-DN4000

    GRP Testing Machine Laboratory Instrument
    ►Universal testing machine(UTM)
    ►Split disk testing machine
    ►Stiffness testing machine
    ►HDB Long Terms Hydrostatic testing machine
    ►Cyclic Hydraulic test system
    ►Pipeline deflection inspection device
    ►Temperature Logger for resin thermal characteristics

    GRP Mandrels
    ►Solid Mandrels
    ►Collapsible Mandrels

    Control System and Software
    ►Filament Winding Control System(Continuous and discontinuous tech)
    ►Laboratory Information Management System

    Equipment Operation and GRP Production Technology
    ►GRP pipe know-how for continuous and discontinuous processes.
    ►GRP tank complete plant equipment and know-how.

    GRP Prouduction Raw Material Supply
    ►Fiblerglass Materials
    ►Polyester Materals