• For 16 years,Vidatech  provides high efficiency of one-stop composite solutions worldwide.  
    A trustable and responsible partner, work with Vidatech,
    Save your time to choose a right supplier. Save your cost of visiting China.
    Your profit maximize, our cost minimize.


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    Composite Raw materials
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    Vidatech is a group company based on GRP filament winding technology,
    including equipment division and raw material division, started from 2004.
    For 16 years, as a FRP/GRP service supplier, Vidatech assisted or provided an efficiency one-stop composite solution to the global end-users.
    The raw material division is as professional distributor in composite materials in China, is providing comprehensive solutions for all FRP fields from machinery, raw materials, know-how.
    From 2004, from supply one roll of fiberglass mat, one pallet fiberglass roving, one unit resin pump, even one pair of labor protection gloves, we collect much experience in providing an optimal combination loading container solution.
    At least more than 15 clients are as old friends,we have been together for more than 10years.

    1.Work with Vidatech, save your time to choose who is a right supplier.

    2.Together with Vidatech, save your cost of visiting to China.

    3.Do business with Vidatech, every details are trust and responsible, to keep your money safety.

    4.Communicate with Vidatech, the advanced production technology and raw materials informations can be get in every FRP scope, in local China.Vidatech extend the relationship to a reliable friend with each buyer and partner.


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