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    Vidatech Innovation - HDB Long-Term Static Hydrostatic Test Systems for GRP pipe, GRE pipe .
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    One of the main data of GRP pipes design is based on the materials of inner layer and structure layer’s pressure performance during different time. Long-term performance of GRP pipe, under the condition of meeting certain requirements, can ensure safe and reliable using within the designed lifetime.

    At present, China’s GRE pipes and GRP pipe discontinuous production technology and equipment is mature and widely used, but the pipe’s quality and pipeline’s on-site installation are uncompetitive compared with international products, the main reason is the lack of scientific and actual technical data in the glass pipe design and working life. Currently, HDB and SB tests rarely performed in China. Most are extrapolated rely on short-term pressure value, or reference international standard, or rely on global well-known company’s testing result. It will severely affect the pipeline design result.

    Vidatech introduce HDB testing equipment production technology and measurements techniques. According to ASTM standard, within 10000 hours, with maximum 18pcs standard specimens, then the testing result evaluated and obtain the value of 50 years.

    New technology target :
    1.To acclimate  the needs of the rapid development of China GRP pipeline continuous winding process. To obtain actual, experimental, reliable HDB value for pipe design.
    2. Quality competition, and on-site pipeline installation competition with International Standard, expanding global market.

    Testing equipment consists of by:
      - Mobile pressure device ; 
      - temperature control heating enclosures ; 
    - computer control devices for process control , monitoring, reporting