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    Vidatech live demonstrations show on 2014 China Composite Exhibiton
    2014-09-10 23:58:00  Browse:

    On September, Chinese-2014 Composite Exhibition,: Materials Universal Testing Machine and Big diameter DN4000mm GRP pipe stiffness testing machine.

    In the  Innovation New Product Showcase,the Stiffness Testing Machine was favourably noticed and obtained a Certificate from CCE-JEC 2014.

    Acclimate China National Water policy and Municipal pipe network policy and industry development demands, in the next 2-3 years, China for the production of large diameter GRP pipes will develop rapidly, but lack of the technology of testing and installation for the large-diameter pipeline and equipment support.

    For meeting the needs of testing large-diameter pipes, and promote the development of China's Fiber Reinforced Plastics industries, this equipment has good market prospects.